There are two sections in our current CBA that will help you with professional development.

The first is  CBA  Article 19 section 2h for reimbursement criteria.

We usually do not use the full amount allotted to SESPA for course reimbursement. Please look into using this money to take a course or workshop to gain hours for certification or re-certification. There is a link below for the SESPA course reimbursement form.

SESPA Course Reimbursement Form

The second is CBA Article 20 regarding a professional Day.

All certified paras are eligible for 1 professional day per school year to be used for a class or workshop.  You must apply in advance for this day.  It does not count as a leave day.  We have given back many of these days, so please use what has been given to us. Use the usual leave request forms found in your school office.  Be sure to write Professional Day Article 20.

My Learning Plan

Professional Development hours must be approved in advance through the My Learning Plan program.  If you need help with this process, please contact Lucille Ramsey at the SAU office.